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We are a multi organization providing a range of professional and practical services concerning all kinds of Business and Economic matters, as well as specialized in TRANSFER PRICING issues.


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Transfer Pricing Legislation Law 4223/31.12.2013

With the Law 4223/31.12.2013 “Taxation of Property”, several amendments took place regarding the Transfer Pricing (TP) Legislation. New provisions are affecting the auditing context of the TP documentation prepared for FYs 2008-2013, and in parallel supplementary...

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Tax Code L.4172/23.07.2013

On July, the new Income Tax Code was voted (L.4172/23.07.2013). The new law provides for the income taxation of individuals and corporations, aiming to simplify the current taxation system, as well as introduces tax rules acceptable by the international taxation...

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Directive 2011/16/EE

On 12.07.2013 the Greek Parliament voted a new law 4170 entitled «Integration of Directive 2011/16/EE, Regulations of issues pertaining to EL.Τ.Ε., Re-organization of the Legal Council of State and other provisions». With this law several amendments to the existing...

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New Legislation directions & principles for Transfer Pricing

New Law regulating the Transfer Pricing  The      new  tax      law,     L4110/2013,      titled “INCOME TAX PROVISIONS, ISSUES RELATED TO THE AUTHORITIES OF THE MINISTRY OF FINANCE AND  OTHER REGULATIONS” includes major modifications regarding the Transfer Pricing...

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